viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Fair play

Leer las cosas que los jugadores, tecnicos y funcionarios europeos dicen a veces del futbol sudaca puede ser un interesante ejercicio de autoflagelacion y fortalecimiento sicologico (un buen entrenamiento, digamos, para el momento en que nos envian de vuelta a casa en Barajas). Leer este articulo del Guardian sobre la histeria inglesa y europea (la africana la podemos entender) en relacion a la mano de Suarez (hereo nacional charrua) en el partido contra Ghana, es verdaderamente catartico.

In England every one was mad with Suarez, and were taking Ghana side.
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 21:08:32 -0400

It's because most football fans are thundering hypocrites, full of their own self-righteousness and unable to see beyond the end of their own noses.
So Germany's goalkeeper and players pretend Lampard's shot didn't cross the line, when the entire stadium knew otherwise. Ghana kick, play act, wave imaginary cards and dive for a free kick that should never have been awarded. Holland dive shamefully (in the form of Robben and Van Persie), and go around trying to maim Uruguayan opponents (in the form of the near psychotic Van Bommel). But they're not cheats: honestly, they're not. They're choirboys, playing Pele's beautiful game.

The only "cheats", apparently, are a team which was one of the most fouled against in the tournament; whose magnificently combative midfielders Perez and Arevalo tackled almost perfectly throughout the tournament; whose defensive organisation was amazing; but who had a player who did something in the last minute of the quarter-final that many, many players have done throughout history.

It's so good to know that all those condemning Suarez have now renounced England's win in 1966 - because Jack Charlton dived full length to punch away a Portugese shot in the semi-final, and wasn't even booked, never mind sent off. Except they haven't -because they're hypocrites. Stinking, lousy hypocrites, whose real reason for wanting to see the back of Uruguay is, I fear, in all too many cases, because they're South American. South American players are greased up, scheming, evil Machiavellian crooks, don't you know? The Dutch are beautiful; African sides incapable of anything cynical.

It's all such utter, pathetic nonsense. Suarez was punished; that should be the end of it. And beyond that, the ignorance displayed on these pages towards a nation of 3.5m whose achievements are miraculous, whose spirit is indomitable, who over-achieved magnificently at this World Cup, went down fighting despite being over-matched tonight and shorn of FOUR key players (and a fifth, Forlan, who played while injured throughout), and who chronic under-achievers like England should be LEARNING from, is simply breathtaking.

After the miracle of 1950, Jules Rimet explained what had happened with the words:
"In football, playing well is not sufficient. You also need to feel it profoundly, as does Uruguay".

You have to FEEL it. That is the spirit with which Uruguay play; that is the spirit which England all too often lack. A nation of 3.5m people, with two world titles, two Olympic titles, 14 Copa America, and who have now reached more World Cup semi-finals than Argentina, who have 12 times as many people to choose from? Uruguay should be being saluted on these pages: I think they've been fantastic. But this is nasty, insular little England, with nasty, insular little posters like sicklemoon - so look what they get instead.

Well done to Holland. Even with the officials generally embarrassing themselves, you were the better side, have a fantastic record, and good luck in the final. And to Uruguay: farewell, ignore the nonsense as I know you will, and may you go one better in Brazil in four years time. Let's face it: in Brazil of all places, history beckons.

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  1. muy bueno
    mira este articulo sobre forlan en el nytimes un genio

  2. El amigo uruguayo que me hizo llegar la nota del Guardian me manda este comentario después del partido contra Alemania.

    "Ya me esta empezando a preocupar la complacencia que se esta empezando a desarrollar a partir de perder dignamente. La verdad es que por toda la presencia de animo que Uruguay tiene cuando esta contra la pared, no se tiene mayor confianza cuando esta en ventaja. Es la mentalidad del asediado, de resistir. Pense que liquidabamos el partido con un tercer gol."

    La derrota digna es un consuelo modesto.